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Markel Tax

01 Dec 2020

Our specialist IR35 services

Our services

Whether you are an end client or an agency, the new IR35 provisions will undoubtedly have an impact on your business and you will need to navigate the complexities of the legislation and case law.

If the legislation applies to you, you will have no option but to ensure that contracts and working practices are carefully reviewed and are robust enough to defend against an HMRC enquiry.

At Markel Tax we have been advising and defending clients against IR35 challenges since the introduction of the legislation 20 years ago.

We offer a complete package of due diligence services for fee payers and end clients to ensure you are well prepared and protected.

Our due diligence services include:

Training and ongoing support

  • IR35 training to assist clients with their decision-making processes

  • IR35 retainer services for clients with ongoing contractor recruitment needs

Labour supply chain validation

  • Complete fee payer review of standard agency to client and agency to PSC contracts

  • Contract review of end client to agency contract

  • Contract review of agency to PSC contract

  • Review of working practices

  • Provision of SDS

Outsourced service provider review

  • Review of the contractual terms and relationship with the outsourcer’s end client

  • Review of the outsourcer’s contracts with PSCs

  • Review of working practices

  • Provision of SDS

All our services are tailored to meet specific client needs and are provided under a fixed-fee quote, so you have certainty of what you are paying for without any escalating hourly charges.

For fee payer and end clients who have completed their due diligence but are looking for additional peace of mind, we are happy to announce we can offer our new insurance product…

Introducing: FeePayer Protect

After many months of careful consideration and development, we are happy to announce the launch of our new insurance product which is a combined tax investigations and tax losses insurance policy to protect fee payers.

The policy is a compliance-backed insurance product for fee payers and clients who have undertaken their due diligence and compliance with the legislation and are looking for additional protection to safeguard their business.

Key points of the policy include:

  • Pays up to £100k in fees towards the cost of defending an HMRC enquiry. All the way to Tribunal if necessary

  • Defence for end clients if there is an HMRC challenge to the end client’s decision-making process

  • Provides an experienced IR35 investigations specialist to defend your case

  • If HMRC successfully argue that IR35 applies, the policy pays the tax, interest and penalties for which you as fee payer would be liable (up to the limit of indemnity you have selected)

The policy works on an aggregate limit for each end client you work with ensuring that each of your end clients knows that your liability for their contractors is protected.

We have worked closely with our clients over the last year to develop a policy that provides protection to the parties who carry the risk under the legislation (fee payers and end-client businesses) and which provides the security they are looking for.

If you would like to discuss our services or insurance product in more detail, please contact Paul Mason by email at or call us on 0333 920 5708

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