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Markel Tax

01 Feb 2021

Global VAT Compliance now available through Markel Tax!

With the Brexit transition period now over, those who provide digital services to EU countries, or sell goods to EU customers, will need to be VAT registered in the countries to which they sell or through the VAT MOSS scheme.

At Markel Tax we know tackling complex VAT issues is difficult, especially in today’s ever-changing landscape. That’s why we’re now here to help you and your clients navigate these obstacles by providing a global VAT compliance service.

Why use us for your global VAT liabilities?

With a broad spread of services under one umbrella, you can provide a service that can be tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

We provide effective solutions that enable VAT professionals to manage tasks, such as:

  • the preparation and timely submission of VAT declarations

  • focused staff training

  • structuring and resourcing of the in house VAT function

Key services covered include:

VAT registration, VAT return, EC sales, Intrastat filing

We offer a complete VAT registration, VAT return, EC sales and Intrastat filing service on a multi-country basis for businesses wishing to outsource  some or all of their VAT compliance obligations. This enables clients to tap into our VAT expertise and local authority relationships in a highly cost-effective manner and focus their own staff on adding value in other areas.

Our VAT processes have also been designed so that they assist corporate governance  rules such as SOX, JSOX and the UK SAO provisions; we can provide packaged documentation in support of these requirements as and when required.

Fiscal representation

We can provide you with fiscal representation to ensure your business is compliant with local VAT laws and can carry out all the necessary VAT obligations on your behalf.

This includes:

  • VAT registration swiftly obtained from local VAT authorities

  • We can advise you on complying with local VAT law

  • We will make sure all the necessary VAT returns are filed with the local VAT authorities

  • We also handle all inspections and enquiries from the local VAT offices on your behalf

Import VAT

Markel’s import VAT service can assist with:

  • Identifying optimal importation regimes

  • Reviewing tariff classifications

  • Implementing inward processing relief (IPR) and outward processing relief (OPR) schemes

  • Applying VAT deferment schemes on your behalf

  • VAT registration and compliance where necessary

  • Fiscal representation

VAT recovery services

We can take the whole process off your hands on an outsourced basis. Our fees are normally based on VAT successfully recovered, so you have nothing to lose.

Typical instances where businesses can incur large amounts of VAT include:

  • International events, exhibitions and conferences

  • Travel and entertainment expenses

  • Supply and install contracts

  • Purchase and resale of goods in another jurisdictions

  • Print and sell deals in the publishing industry

  • Tooling deals in the auto industry

Markel’s VAT reclaim services includes:

  • Onsite audit services to determine which invoices offer the chance of VAT recovery

  • Full VAT reclaim processing and submission service

  • Ongoing support and advice to maximize your claim advice and support if you would prefer to run the process in-house

To find out more about how our working with Markel Tax can help you support your clients while increasing your revenue through additional services such as global VAT compliance, call 0333 920 5708 or email

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