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Markel Tax

Markel Tax Business Continuity Activity

We have successfully executed our Markel UK business continuity plan, which we commenced following the government advice on Monday 16 March.  Our objective is to deliver our high standards of service and support for you and our joint customers, as we would do on any other given day.

For reference, our efforts have been successfully rolled out as follows:

  • We now have 100% of our staff in the UK working from home.

  • Our systems have responded well to this volume of home workers, with no significant issues identified and none expected at this time.

  • This new working model has been effective across all departments and supports all incoming and outgoing telephony, email, e-trade and administration system requirements.

  • This is a model we are happy to support for as long as we are required to deliver it, evidencing our commitment to staff wellbeing meaning we continue to deliver for you and our customers.

  • We have made it easier to do business with us by issuing simplified points of contact across our Insurance, Tax and Law businesses.

  • In line with our Expect More ethos, we are also providing additional resources to policyholders and business partners.

These pages will be updated as more information becomes available.   

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Markel Tax business continuity activity

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