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Markel Tax

Head of Sales - South

Head of Sales - South

Job posted: 01/04/2019

The Head of Sales South will develop key growth strategies for the FPI and Tax Services businesses whilst managing and developing the sales activities across the South Sales Team.

What we look for
Our exceptional and motivated employees are our greatest strength. Our employees provide the highest level of customer service and help maintain our position as a leader in the global marketplace.

Markel Style
The Markel Style is what makes us stand out from our competitors. It's our core value which should underpin how we do business, while influencing our behavior and performance. We are looking for people who have potential and share our passion to live the Markel Style, which is described in more detail below.

If you think you have these core attributes we want to hear from you.

“Why work for us?”

Diversity and inclusion
Markel is truly a global and diverse company. We believe that diversity makes us better business partners and that embracing people’s differences can bring amazing results and fuel innovation. We have a portfolio of businesses and product lines that operate around the world.

Community involvement
Markel has a rich heritage of supporting communities across the world where our customers and employees live and work. Giving back is part of our history and our future. Our employees share in this philosophy through volunteering, mentoring and fundraising.

Commitment to open doors
Markel is committed to creating the best work environment. Our open-door policy is essential in recognizing business issues as they rise and to address the changing needs of our diverse and global workforce. Challenging management is a component of the Markel Style—some of our best ideas start from a conversation between a manager and an employee.

Entrepreneurial spirit
As the Markel Style states, we pursue excellence, strive for a better way, and share the success of others. Markel associates proactively seek new business opportunities, bringing further success to Markel.

Duties and accountabilites
  • To identify revenue-generating opportunities as well as managing key client relationships.
  • Grow, maintain and manage a portfolio of £6m
  • To identify new revenue-generation opportunities that enhance and promote Markel Tax's core business values.
  • To be responsible for the overall management of the South Sales Team.
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of business plans and the penetration of the FPI and Tax Services market in the South.
  • Responsible for ensuring delivery of budgeted revenue targets across insurance and service businesses within the South.
  • To analyse the progress of revenue-generation goals and make recommendations for adjustments/interventions as required.
  • To identify opportunities for both marketing and selling Markel Tax’s products and services.
  • To actively win business relating to new services and initiatives.
  • To actively manage key relationships with existing and prospective clients.
  • Generate sales of the various products and services, paying particular attention to developing relationships with accountants and potential clients to maximise opportunities. Maintaining productive relationships with the Sales Team.  
  • Develop ongoing liaison with key clients to ensure that significant developments are identified and monitored.
  • Responsible for performance appraisal of the South Sales Team and for providing training and development opportunities.
  • Monitoring of staff performance and address any issues by the appropriate means.
  • Monitoring and reporting of activities and providing relevant management information.
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We are a national company with offices in London, Rugby and Sheffield, and we have a culture that fosters individual growth.

Markel Tax's expert team pride themselves on their professionalism, dedication and expertise, and are one of our most important assets. If you also strive to achieve these goals, and would like to join our dynamic team, learn more about our offices by clicking the button below.

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